Dr. Iacobucci, president of Roctronics, enjoys producing videotapes as a means of capturing and sharing the talents and knowledge of gifted individuals. Many of these are from the ten year running weekly TV show "The Glass Cyclops". They make wonderful gifts.These videos are mastered in Super-VHS, to insure that your home video copy is of high quality.


Community In Reel 4, a professional theatre director describes Digital Dimming Systems & Lighting Instruments in a community venue.

CONTENTS: 4 Roctronics Lighting & Special Effects Videos:

REEL 1: Dimming, Color Synthesis & Special Effects

2 Hours: Equipment is shown, explained, and demonstrated.

REEL 2: Special Effects, Laser Displays, Lighting Instruments, Surfacing Materials

REEL 3: Designs & Display Technology

REEL 4: Digital Dimming Systems & Lighting Instruments


  • Beginning Beekeeping
  • Bee & flower A practical detailed "how to" videotape for the new beekeeper.

    (Photo courtesy Bee Culture Magazine)


    INTRODUCTION TO YOUR COMPUTER: Everything a beginner needs to know to connect up, start up, and use a personal computer. 2 hours of detailed step-by-step demonstrations on word processing, card file data storage, paintbrush art, file management, printing, disk storage, faxing; plus hardware, cleansing, and theory. You will save hours of frustration and possible loss of your data from the many "secret" tips clearly explained on this video. (Originally produced by Dr. Iacobucci for his technophobic sister!) Price: $35 includes S&H in USA. VHS format. See Contents of this Video

    DAHLIA "A Year in Flowers"

    --- 2 hour video !

    If you like flowers, you'll love this video ! It shows hundreds of beautiful flowers, magnified to show texture and form that the human eye alone misses. We recommend it as a gift --- a bouquet of colorful sights and soothing music, that will please and delight the senses for hours, and never fade away. For gardeners, the huge selection shown can help you plan your own flower beds.

    ADVANTAGES TO EDUCATIONAL VIDEOS: Unlike a book, you learn naturally by direct observation, just as children do instinctively. Unlike a seminar, you can repeat any part of the video as often as you like, anytime you want, in the privacy of your home --- nobody watching to embarrass you.


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