Photo shows Model 701 cascadeable 5 joules per flash DISCO STROBE with optional remote control 701c .... 8291 MINI STROBE for home parties .... and Model ES1 EGG STROBE, which screws into standard lamp socket.
Model 9759 ROTOFLASH ....Two narrow beam 50 watt strobes in vertically rotating heads, mounted on a horizonatally revolving platform --- providing total coverage. Use with haze from a Roctronis Fogger to visualize beams in mid air. [ 18" X 15" X 8", 14 pounds ]

Stroboscopes produce a brilliant flash of light that is extremely brief. When used in an otherwise pitch dark room, it will freeze the motion of dancers, skaters, stage performers, bouncing balls, floating bubbles, water fountains --- causing them to appear frozen in time and space. They rapidly repeat the flash, yielding a series of still images, as in an old time movie. Due to the extremely intense effect produced, strobes should be used sparingly to complement colored lighting at climactic moments only.

Strobes can also be used as an alarm to attract attention in noisy environments. They can draw customers to merchandising displays even in daylight. Amusement parks can use them on bumper car rides, dark rides, fun houses, pillow walks, haunted houses.

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