Roctronics has invented a new decorative lighting product trademarked "STARLINE" because it looks like a line of tiny but bright pinpoints of light. It has unique properties which make it ideal for many display, advertising, and decorative applications.

Roctronics STARLINE photo Rings of yellow and red Starline.

Compare pencil to diameter of tube.

Photo of arm wrapped in starline,

reflected in mirror.

Flower arrangement with Starline.
Dog wearing battery powered Starline.

1. The burning time is virtually unlimited --- ideal for locations with difficult access. Requires virtually no maintenance.

2. The colors will not fade. Available in Red, Orange, Yellow, Green and Blue.

3. Highly resistant to vibration --- ideal for use in decorating automobiles and vans; for use to mark stairways, outline platforms and aisles, moving stage props.

4. Produces little heat; ideal for use with ice sculptures, food displays, flowers, fabrics.

5. Tubing is waterproof --- ideal for imbedding in ice blocks, snow, fountains, goldfish pools, waterfalls, landscaping, iced salad bars or beverage trays.

6. Great variety --- Any choice of spacing between lamps, any length, any combination of colors, and chasing steps.

7. Very low power consumption --- ideal for battery powered applications such as sewn into costumes, eg. "spaceman" or "clown" or "angel".

8. Can operate at low voltage or high voltage, battery or AC power line.

9. Can flash at very high rates; can be dimmed --- ideal for disco, amusement parks, tradeshows, advertising signs.

10. Very flexible --- ideal for spelling words, outlining logos, products, bars, doorways, arches, architectural features.

11. Strong --- can hang with long distances between supports to create canopy effects.

12. Unobtrusive when off; thin clear plastic tube and tiny components are inconspicuous when not lit --- ideal for elegant environments, magic acts.

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