9521 GOBOT

At the flip of a switch you can "wallpaper" the stage, dancefloor, or performers with moving multicolored abstract images. In the "quiet mode" the images constantly change at a slow pace. When activated by music via the built in microphone, it automatically turns on the motor --- which throws the patterns into a high speed swirl ! Perfect for clubs and ballrooms. Can also be used on a tabletop for mobile DJ applications. Yoke allows clamping to a pipe or portable stand.

Use a Roctronics FOGGER to add haze, so the beams can be seen in mid-air. Uses 1 x 250W 24V ELC halogen lamp, included, 17" x 6" x 7", 17lbs.

The 9522 DOUBLE GOBOT has two of the above built into one box, for twice the effect but not double the price.

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Dr. Iacobucci, Pres.
Roctronics Park
Pembroke, MA 02359 - USA
781.826.8888 Fax: 781-826-8889

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