Roctronics offers a variety of special effects foggers that will cause shafts of light from moving BEAM PROJECTORS, PINSPOTS, MIRRORED BALLS, BEACONS, or LASERS to become visible in mid-air! All work by vaporizing Roctronics FOG FLUID via an electric heater. All come with piston pumps, over heat fuses, yoke, steel cabinet, handle, hose nozzle snoot, "heater ready" pilots on remote control, UL listing. Use Roctronics water based FOG FLUID concentrate. FRAGRANCES can be used to add a pleasant scent to the fog: Banana, Cherry, Lemon, Orange, Peppermint, Pineapple, Strawberry, Tropical, Vanilla.

LIGHT DUTY Model 925 (700 watts for light duty, 14" x 7" x 9", 11 pounds) has a remote control switch & heater pilot, on 25 foot cable.

COMPAX Model 930 (1000 watts, 14" x 8" x 11", 14.5 pounds) operates via a 25 foot remote manual switch with pilot.

TIMER PRO Model 930 (1000 watts, 17" x 8" x 12", 18 pounds) has a 25 foot wired control with manual triggering, plus a built in timer for automatic periodic triggering. Can also be used with the optional RADIO CONTROL.

HI OUTPUT Model 950 (1300 watts, 22" x 9" x 16", 28 pounds) has same features as the 930 plus Flow Rate adjustment.

RADIO REMOTE CONTROL Model 911, is perfect for the magician who wants to disappear in a cloud of smoke; or the band leader who wants the lead vocalist to float on a cloud; or the back-stage director to cause the on-stage "dragon" to belch smoke, etc. The tiny transmitter fits in the palm of your hand, and when pushed will send a radio command to the receiver mounted on the Model 930 or 950 Foggers.
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