"Introduction to your Computer" --- VIDEOTAPE

Everything a beginner needs to know to connect up, start up, and use a personal computer. Two hours of detailed step-by-step demonstrations, clearly explain word processing, card file data storage, paintbrush art, file management, printing, disk storage, faxing; plus hardware, cleansing, and theory. You will save hours of frustration and possible loss of your data from the many "secret" tips clearly explained on this video.


0000 HARDWARE: Mother board, CPU, RAM, back up battery, hard drive, floppy disk drive, keyboard, mouse, monitor, ink jet printer, laser printer, connecting up system.

1868 PROGRAMS: Booting up, windows, menu, drop down list, navigating, sizing, drag and drop, program groups, main group, scroll bar.

2200 CARD FILE: Index line, text area, add, save, file name, search index, find in text, sort, help, duplicate, delete, print.

3065 PAINTBRUSH: Tools, pallet, lines, squares, blocks, shapes, fill, paint, erase, spray, undo, cut, copy, paste, text, fonts, custom colors, zoom, coordinates, import clip art, save, paste to card, curves, perfect lines, circles & squares.

4050 WRITE: Word processing, select text by mouse, select by shift key, font styles & sizes, tabs, decimal point alignment, margins, justify text, underline, find & replace, copy & paste, import art, save, print, save to disc, fax.

4591 FAXING: Fax log, phone book.

4750 CONTROL KEYS: Rotate programs, end / switch tasks, abort, reset computer.

4942 FILE MANAGER: Root directory, drives A & C, directories, subdirectories, search, *.*, extensions CRD & WRI, copy to floppy disk A, create new files, move files, sort by ...., hard drive content.

5356 START UP of programs automatically.

5387 OPENING FILES stored in directories from Write.

5413 CLOSING DOWN by mouse, File - Exit, or F4.

5435 CRITICAL SET-UP in BIOS in case battery fails.

5531 DISK START UP ERROR non system floppy disk

5550 HOUSEKEEPING: Find, check & delete Temp files. Scandisk in DOS. Defrag in DOS. Optimization of hard drive.

5725 TIME SAVERS: Key strokes Home & End.


( Total video length is 2 hours )

ADVANTAGES TO EDUCATIONAL VIDEOS: Unlike a book, you learn naturally by direct observation, just as children do instinctively. Unlike a seminar, you can repeat any part of the video as often as you like, anytime you want, in the privacy of your home --- nobody watching to embarrass you. Click to see More Videos .

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