While our Beam Projectors shoot out moving colored rays of light, the new generation of PATTERN MASK PROJECTORS can cover any surface with representational images. Hundreds of STOCK MASKS for every theme are available --- for every holiday, for every sport, for scenery, for messages. Custom made masks can project a commercial message at a trade show, at merchandise displays. Put the names of people, bands, products, phone numbers, slogans --- literally "in lights" at your next promotion, festival, or show. There versatility makes them ideal for clubs, parties, concerts, tradeshows, exhibits. The following is a selection of Roctronics Pattern Mask Projectors.


Pattern Mask Scanners make a slow 10 second pan back and forth over a 120 degree arc. The 30 degree beam spread of each head, yields huge images when projected across a hall. Each head can be tilted up/down 120 degrees. Custom crafted pattern masks with holiday images (santa & reindeer, halloween witch on a broom, 4th of July rockets) will glide around with audience captivating color and motion. Advertising messages, logos, and product images will dazzle customers at any sales promotion.

Model 8210-1 is a SINGLE HEAD SCANNER Single color, includes 4 interchageable pattern masks with geometic designs. Uses a 50 watt EXN lamp. 7.5" x 4.87" x 9.5", 5 pounds

Model 8210-4 is a FOUR HEAD SCANNER Each head projects a different color and geometric design pattern mask. 50W EXN lamps and 3 spare masks.

Roctronics can also supply any one of hundreds of stock Pattern Masks with holiday themes such as witch flying on a broom, santa & raindeer, stars, clouds, etc. Roctronics will also make custom masks with your logo, sales slogan, DJ or band name, phone number --- anything you want.


With two dichroic mirrors, two lamps and ten gobo patterns, and music activated motor, the DOUBLE GOBOT is an excellent moving abstract pattern projector. Mounting bracket and fan cooled halogen lamps included.

Two 250 watt ELC halogen lamps, 2 gobo changing motors, and 2 music-activated pattern swirling motors. 18" x 6" x 10", 24 pounds

Model 9521 is the SINGLE GOBOT, half the lamps, motors, and mirrors as the above pictured DOUBLE GOBOT model.


A thrilling kaleidoscopic effect that is ideal for club, stage, retail promotion and mobile lighting applications. A gobo wheel projects onto a mirrored disc which produces a swirlling pattern of geometric shapes and colors. 250 watt ELC lamp, 5.5" h x 9.75" w . 17.25" d, 20 pounds


Six geometric abstract patterns are changed
by a music responsive motor, then projected onto a rotating tetrahedron mirror, and further into a hexagon mirror !

250 watt ELC halogen lamp, 2 motors. 16" x 9" x 10" , 18 pounds.

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