"A Year in Flowers" --- 2 hour video !

If you like flowers, you'll love this video ! It shows hundreds of beautiful flowers, magnified to show texture and form that the human eye alone misses. We recommend it as a gift --- a bouquet of colorful sights and soothing music, that will please delight the senses for hours, and never fade away. For gardeners, the huge selection shown, and listed below, can help you plan your own flower beds.

These photos are but a tiny sample of the hundreds revealing Nature's artistry. When viewed on your larger TV screen, they reveal exquisite detail :

Orange Tulip yellow tulip daisey
allium cosmos rhododendron columbine

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A YEAR IN FLOWERS --- VIDEOTAPE CONTENTS Copyright January 1999 Dr. Iacobucci --- no unauthorized copies under international law.

Few gifts of Nature bring such universal delight as do flowers. While we are incapable of capturing the full glory of texture and fragrance, we have attempted in this video to extend the opportunity for enjoying their visual beauty from but a fleeting moment per year, to one that you can enjoy anytime. As William C. Bryant noted:

"The south wind searches for the flowers whose fragrance late he bore
And sighs to find them in the wood and by the stream no more."


000 Snowbells / Tiny white bells, very early spring
Crocus: white Snowstorm, purple Remembrance, striated white & purple are Pickwick, yellow are Galanthus Gargaricus

Daffodils/ mini yellow trumpets Tete-a-tete
Narcissus / Honeybird are all yellow, Little Beauty have yellow trumpet & white petals, Merlin red-rimmed cup with white petals, Ice Follies are all white.
Skunk Cabbage bronze emerging pointed leaf cluster
500 ---Scilla blue 6 petals, 1"
Plum tree pink blossoms
Double Daffodils ruffled yellow Narcissus Pencrebar
Dandelions Yellow, richly laden with pollen, bee's lunch
Tulips, Darwin Yellow cups Apeldoorn
Hyacinths, grape small cones of blue flowers
1000--- Tulip, Darwin red & yellow cups Apeldoorn
Myrtle dark green waxy leaf ground cover with small blue 5 fan-blade shaped petals
Forsythia, bush yellow flowers emerge before leaves
Tulip, Darwin yellow cup
Grape Hyacinths / 4" cluster of small blue bells
Daffodil / convoluted orange-yellow center surrounded by near-white petals Petit four
Ground moss / carpet of green with tiny red pods
Hosta, variegated shade loving, large pointed green & cream leaves
Ajuga bronze and green leaves
Hyacinth, grape / 4" small blue cones
Candy Tufts 2" white clusters
Wild Cherry tree pink blossoms in profusion
Mushroom radiating brown "V" pattern on 5" cap
Beech tree dark copper leaves, smooth bark
Gill o' the Hill / violet flower grows in lawns

1290 >>> BIRD FEEDER <<<
Hyacinth cone of waxy flowers, Queen of the Pinks
Cat-of-nine-tails swamp reed with 5 foot stalk bearing brown cigar-shaped seed pod
Marsh Marigold yellow flowers, damp locations
Bleeding Hearts pink suspended hearts

Honeysuckle pink fragrant flowers on vine
1500--- Fern, Athyriumfilix-femina, also know as Lady Fern green arrow shaped fan leaves
Violets tiny blue flower on large heart shaped leaves
Buttercup yellow cups on 6" stalks
Azalea salmon blossoms on 4' bush
Rhododendron / showy pale pink blossoms on waxy evergreen
Iris 30" tall bearded, purple
Scilla Mischtschenkoana / tiny white and green spiked petals Ornithogalum Nutans
Lilacs 8' bush, cone shaped clusters, fragrant Syringa Vulgaris
Hesperis Matronalis / Sweet Rocket /
24" stalks bearing masses of magenta flowers
Euphorbia 6" yellow green clusters
Field Horsetail / 8" tall, yellow green stalk w needles
Bleeding Heart 18" with pendant heart shaped red flowers
Dogwood small tree with 4 petal cream blossoms
Hosta Halcyon Plantain blue, large pointed leaves, shade
Ajuga / stalks w small blue clusters, bronze leaves
2000 --- Hosta / variegated cream and white pointed leaves
Oak tree giant hardwood, produces acorns
Cyclamen pink 1" flower
Vinca aka Myrtle aka Perriwinkle, ground cover, blue
Ajuga 5" spike of blue Primula 10" stalk with 1" pink trumpets
Quaking Aspen tree with silver bottom leaves
Lilac white cone shaped clusters, fragrant
Dutchman's Pipe huge 35' vine, 1' giant leaves, "smoker's pipe"
Poppy crenelated paper-like orange red petals emerge from spiked balls
Jacob's Ladder white cluster on 12" stalk
Grass: Sweet / white & green striated 15" long pointed leaves Glyceria Maxima
Batchelor Buttons Centaurea Montana, blue feathery flower
Columbine spectacular red & white trumpet flower with swept back spurs
Daisy, Shasta white disc of petals with yellow center; shown growing amid purple phlox
Spider Wort / 3-petal purple cups, long thin blade leaves, invasive
Rhododendron 4' bush w orchid like blossoms, lavender and red varieties
Bridal Veil 5' bush covered with tiny clustered flowers, Spiraea Snowmound

2455 >>> GARDEN SNAKE <<<
Chives hollow tube leaves, 18" stalk w purple ball
2500--- ??? / 1" white star flower, 10 petals
Buttercups 6" stalk with 1" golden yellow cup flower
Forest tall pines, oaks, maples
Pepperbush fragrant white clusters

2625 >>> TIDAL MARSH <<<
Cinnamon Fern / has slender brown flower
Lady Slipper pink, bladder shaped 8"
Star flower white 1" disc of 7 pointed petals
Princess Pine 6" stalks with lighter tops
Deciduous forest scenes
Moss growing on damp rotting stumps
Pickerel Weed / yellow ball flower on lily pad leaf, floating in pond
Mulberry tree yields tasty juicy sweet dark red berries
Privet Hedge tiny white flowers
3000--- Asiatic lily orange large trumpets
Begonias small white flowers against copper leaves
Honeysuckle vine hardy climber with fragrant white & yellow
Geranium 4" red ball cluster on 10" stalk
Petunia red annual, sticky leaves
Purple Loosestrife invasive magenta wetland plant
Heliotrope / cluster of tiny white flowers
Straw Flower yellow discs, shown in copper pot
Petunia / purple, in basket
Heliotrope / cluster of tiny purple flowers
Hydrangea 8" white clusters on 3' bush
Pansy mixed colors shown in wine barrel
Geranium / ruffled red on stalk, searated edge leaves Martha Washington
Begonia pink flowers, waxy leaves
Rose / abundant masses of red flowers Floribunda
Sedum / Autumn Joy
Rudbeckia, aka Black Eyed Susan yellow daisy,brown center
Lily, Asiatic purple pod opens into white trumpet
Lily, Asiatic orange trumpet
Astilbe lavender color "feather brush"
Elderberry 8" diameter white crown
Hedgebind weed
Morning Glory type lavender trumpets
Cimicufuga large serated edged leaves
3500--- Hosta large blue leaves Halcyon Plantain
Lobelia tiny blue clusters
Primrose 1" yellow cups
Astilbe white "feather brush" Deutchland
Bee Balm pink 1" spikes
Day Lily red trumpets with yellow center on tall stalks Hemerocallis
Verbena red, white and lavender 2" clusters

>>> BIRD BATH <<<
Lily, Star Gazer large trumpet, red with tiny black spikes
Silver Mound fuzzy silvery 6" cluster Artemisia
Purple Cone Flower / orange ball centered on lavender petals Echinacea
Sweet Grass / green and cream striped slender pointed leaves
Hollyhock pink trumpets on 4' tall stalk
Dusty Miller flat silver leaf
Petunia red trumpets on sticky leaves
Dahlia 2" magenta cluster, waxy leaf
Salvia red stalks
Marigolds yellow balls
Begonias white with yellow center, waxy leaves
Snap Dragons white with magenta
Petunia purple with white
Snap Dragons yellow
Yucca 2' sharp waxy leaves, waxy bells on 4' stalks
Black-eyed Susan 3" yellow disc with brown center
Sedum, Autumn Joy waxy leaf
Verbena tiny purple flowers
Day Lilies wine w yellow ; pale lavender; salmon; cream Hemerocallis
Hosta with blue trumpet flowers on 2' stalks
4000--- Gooseneck Loosestrife white bent cluster Lysimachia
Ligularia Rocket, 30" yellow spikes
Grape, Niagara light green with seeds
Grape, Pink Reliance seedless table grape
Grape, Concord dark purple with seeds
Almond 15' tree, nuts inside green husks
Pear tree 4" green pears
Apple, Roman 4" red fruit
Wood Vine or Viginia Creeper / copper and green leaves Parthenocissus Thomsonii
Poke Weed purple berries
Choke Cherry tree with red 1" fruit
Honeysuckle bush with juicy 3/8" red berries
Crab Apple Tree 1" red mealy fruit
Goldenrod feathery yellow
Cat-of-nine-tails reeds with 5' stalks with brown cigar pods
Grass Northern Sea Oats delta shape seed heads
Grass Miscanthus Silberfeder feathery heads
Clematis dense vine with fluffy seed pods
Dusty Miller silvery leaf, with snow covering
Euonymus / evergreen waxy leaf on woody branches, has orange berries
Bittersweet orange berries on invasive vine Celastrus Scandens
Fir branches and cones used for decoration
Kale ornamental cabbage like, magenta center, cyan leaves
Pansy purple, cold tolerant

VERNAL STREAM with mossy banks, and Skunk Cabbage
Hyacinths, giant white, pink, lavender, cream such as Oranje Boven and Gypsy Queen
Hyacinths, grape small blue
4500--- Pansy mixed
Tulip, Darwin yellow and red
Tulip, Darwin Orange Queen, red - orange
Tulip, Peony Monte Carlo, yellow
Tulip Emperor King's Blood, red
Mushroom cluster of caps on rotted wood
Daffodils mixed
Cherry tree pink blossoms
Candy Tufts mat of tiny white petals
Scilla Sabrinica blue bells
Tulip, Parrot Blue Bell
Tulip, Darwin Apeldoorn Elite, orange
Hosta variegated
Tulip, Triumph Lucky Strike, red and white
Tulip, Greigii 6" Red Riding Hood
Tulip, Triumph Lucky Strike and Leen V. D. Mark red and white
Tulip, fringed` Blue Heron purple
Euphorbia 6" chartreuse
Tulip, Fosteriana Red Emperor
Tulip, Darwin Apeldoorn Elite orange
Columbine, Aquilegia red & white, with trailing tails
Columbine cream
Batchelor Buttons blue fuzzy
Petunia white
Rhododendron lavender orchid like blossoms
Phlox magenta
5000--- Daisy, Shasta white disc with yellow center
Iris white w yellow beard
Iris, Brookflower pale blue
Iris, Posh yellow
Iris, Gala Madrid blue
Chives hollow green leaves, 2" magenta ball on 18" stalk
Aliuim 4" magenta globe on 14" stalk
Iris pale yellow
Hosta green leaf with yellow fringe

5150 >>> OLD BIRD BATH <<<
Lilies of the Valley light green leaves, tiny white bells
Bleeding Hearts, Dicenta pendant heart shaped red flowers
Cimicifuga large serrated edged leaves

Celosia red feathery
Lobelia blue
Marigolds yellow buttons
Dusty Miller silver leaf
Salvia red stalks
Verbena tiny red, purple, magenta
Viola 1" blue pansy-like flower
Pansy 2" blue, yellow, white
Impatiens red in hanging pot
Iris 24" purple with yellow beard
Erysium aka Siberian Wall Flower orange
Allionii Iris, Dutch white, wine, & blue with yellow
Blue Ribbon Roses red
Petunia purple
Rose deep red
Catalpa tree 60' tree, 9" leaves, orchid like flowers, 15" long bean like pods
Honeysuckle bush, fragrant 1" flower cups
Columbine pink & cream, white & cream
Peony 6" pink
Hens and Chickens low growing rubbery leaves
Thyme tiny pale lavender flowers
Thyme light green leaves
Grass Zebra
Snapdragons white & purple
Catalpa Tree 60' tree with orchid like flowers
Asiatic lilies orange

5420 >>> MOURNING DOVES <<<
Purple Cone Flower aka Echinacea: lavender petals with orange center
Privet Hedge 3" clusters of tiny white fragrant flowers
Grass Zebra
Lily, Asiatic orange trumpets
Hollyhock red trumpets on 4' tall stalk
Dahlia 4" magenta flower
Yarrow aka Achillea, white clusters on 16" stalks
Lily, Asiatic white trumpet from lavender pods
Day lilies assorted colors
5500--- Morning Glory blue trumpets with cream center
Cosmos 3' tall wispy stalks with red disc yellow center
Snapdragon orange
Marigolds yellow and orange
Nasturtiums orange with lily pad type leaves
Allysum tiny pale blue
Jade plant rubbery leaves, shown in hanging pot
Boston Fern one foot long stalks symetrically arranged leaves
Petunia, in hanging planter
Poppies, red- orange with black center
Snapdragons yellow
Cardinal Flower blue on stalk
Cosmos fluted magenta petals, yellow center
Grass Zebra, white and green striped
Dusty Miller silver leaf
Hollyhocks red trumpets on stalk
Allysum carpet of tiny purple and white
Ageratum fuzzy blue clusters , Blue Lagoon
Straw Flower pale yellow multi-layered disc of petals
Fan Flower 1" fan of blue petals
Beauty Berry bush, magenta 1/4" berries
Dahlia 4" magenta & red
Allysum tiny pale blue
Impatiens pale pink
Salvia red stalks
Chrysanthemums red, orange, yellow, white
Yucca sturdy 18" spiked leaves, 5' stalks with white waxy bells
Grass: Northern Sea Oats --- flat seed cluster
Grass: Fountain --- typical wheat type seed stalk
Grass: Silver Feather --- tall wispy fans
5825--- End blue gazing ball

We have done our best to identify the plants, so that if you see one you want for your garden you can name it. However, there may be some errors or omissions, which we would appreciate your bringing to our attention.

Filmed entirely on the Nature Preserve Farm in Pembroke, Massachusetts.
Funded by
Roctronics Entertainment Lighting Co.

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