A practical detailed 2 hour, "how to" videotape produced by Dr. Richard Iacobucci, a new beekeeper himself, with contributions by experienced apiary managers. It provides demonstrations, and includes many "tricks of the trade" that will help the novice beekeeper and his hives succesfully through the first year.

Photo, courtesy of Dadant Supply Co., shows queen bee.
Her central role in the hive is explained in the video.

Index - Subject Explained

0000 - How to build a hive, mistakes to avoid; by Rick Burnett.

2645 - Mixing a feeding of sugar water medicated for Nosema; by Fred Magee.

2800 - Installing a new package of bees, care of bees, care of the queen; by Fred Magee.

3000 - Inspecting the hive three days after installation, use of the smoker; by Dave Spalding.

3655 - Mid-summer inspection of brood, nectar, pollen, honey.

3749 - Inducing a captured swarm to take residence in a hive.

4124 - Fall inspection.

4130 - Large volume harvesting: Visit to a professional honeyhouse to witness uncapping, centrifugal extraction, filtering, bottling, wax melting, cutting & boxing honey in a comb; by Fred Magee.

4535 - Small scale home harvesting by melting.

4600 - Home candle making with bees' wax.

4690 - Winter management, helping your colony survive.

4870 - Diseases and parasites, detection and treatment.

4900 - Bee behavior: Raising a new queen, mating with drones, growth from egg to larva to pupa to emergence, hive operation, bee as chemical factory, bee as navigating forager & pollinator, bee communications, temperature and humidity regulation.

5306 - Publications: Bee Culture, Speedy Bee, American Federation of Beekeeping News, Bee Science, Beekeeping in the United states, ABC & XYZ of Beekeeping, First Lessons, The Hive & the Honey Bee, American BeeJournal, The Honey Kitchen.

5500 - A look inside a worker bee: head, thorax, abdomen.

5525 - Separating Bees from the honeycomb: Brush & fan, fume board. Plastic vs. wood frames. Low cost suit. A queen cell. Hive tools. Queen excluder. Bee escape.

5745 - Wax Moth Infestation: How to avoid, kill by freezing.

5805 - Reactions to bee stings: Ice for pain, Benadryl for hives, epinephrine for anaphylactic shock.

END: Warnings! (2 hours long)

If you would like a copy for yourself or a friend
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Dr. Richard Iacobucci
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