No visual experience quite compares to seeing a full color moving TV image suspended in mid air before your face ! Yet Roctronics is now able to bring you just that ! The special Virtual Image Projector creates an 18 inch high x 19" wide television picture suspended in space 22 inches in front of the projector's window. Videotaped presentations of your product or concept will mezmerize viewers . Many people reach out and pass their hand right through the image --- unable to believe what they are seeing --- a moving three dimensional illusion suspended in space!


DIMENSIONS & WEIGHT Projector Size: 23.5”W x 31”H x 37”D Overall Width: 37” Weight: 180 lbs. Pedestal Size: 19.5”W x 46.5”H x 35”D

CABINET CONSTRUCTION: Choice of 4 standard laminated colors ---granite, off white, simulated wood, black. Includes locking hinged doors on front, and rear access panels.

VOLTAGE: 115 V, 60 cycle, with 15 Amp Circuit Breaker

VIDEO: Viewing cone 30 degrees. Typical Viewing Distance: 5' - 10'

AUDIO: 100 watts per channel. Speakers: 18” woofer with 6 x 9” midrange, Passive crossover

REMOTE CONTROL 1- Universal Remote with full activation


1: DVD VIDEO provides you with a display system that is easy to operate, reliable and void of tapes and regular maintenance. A single-sided single-layer DVD disc can contain up to 133 minutes of video with stereo or surround sound audio. A DVD disc will not degrade—even after thousands of viewings—and delivers the highest quality video at 500 lines per inch. The DVD disc can be authored with a variety of video sequences that can be chosen and played sequentially and repeated continuously.

2: SUPER VHS VIDEO TAPE delivers the highest resolution of any VHS format playback available in a 2-hour format. This playback form is excellent for frequently changing video presentations.

3: Standard VHS VIDEO TAPE offers the lowest cost and universal availability source.

4: DIGITAL PLAYBACK offers interactive capabilities to the "3-D" video presentation. This type of playback also works well with DMX-512 or MIDI triggered presentations.

5: LINE FEED offers continuous programming from any high resolution video source such as DV, Digital S, Beta, Digital Beta, etc.

6: LIVE CAMERA FEED allows a hidden on-camera performer to interact with the spell-bound viewers as she appears as an 18" genie in mid air conversing with them.


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